FSA cranksets listed with 24mm diameter spindles

If you have an FSA crankset with a 24mm diameter spindle, and it is very tight when installing into one of our bottom brackets, we do not have a solution for you. FSA spindle diameters can be as large as 24.07mm, which is too big to fit in our bearings. Do not try to force these cranks through our bottom brackets. They will get stuck! It is important that you measure the spindle diameter of the FSA crank where the bearings sit on it. Use a digital measuring device that will allow you to see the difference between 24.00mm and 24.07mm.

FSA BB386EVO cranksets with 30mm diameter spindles

FSA BB386EVO cranks spindle lengths are typically 103mm in overall length. These crankset spindles are 1mm too short when used with our BSA threaded for 30mm bottom brackets (BB-BSA30), and may result in excessive bearing load. For these cranks to work, swap the dust seals with our PF30-SPEED-SPACER seals, which are 1mm thinner than stock.

FSA bottom brackets for use with FSA BB386EVO and BB392EVO cranks (30mm spindles) use seals that are about 1.5mm thinner than our seals. In most cases, when switching from a FSA bottom bracket to a Wheels Mfg bottom bracket, you will need to change your spacer configuration and replace the original FSA-supplied spacers with a combination of thinner spacers.

Quarq powermeters

The following Quarq powermeters (Elsa, Riken, S975, S2275, CinQo Saturn, Saturn2 and Eagle) have a cadence sensor ring machined into the inside face of the powermeter with a diameter and too small to clear our bottom bracket cup flanges with the 48.5mm x 16-notch tool pattern. These older powermeters will rub on the BB cup flange.

Quarq Riken power meter. Note the flatter cadence sensor ring. This powermeter is combatible with Wheels Mfg BBRight and BSA30 bottom brackets, but not with 386EVO, BB86/92 thread together, and T47 with inboard bearings when used in a 86.5mm wide shell.

Older Quarq power meter. Note the protuding cadence ring. This power meter will not work with any Wheels Mfg bottom brackets that have 48.5mm x 16 notch cups.