What is BBRight?

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What is a BBRight - Bicycle Parts Direct

BBRight Bottom Bracket

BBRight™ is a bottom bracket standard developed by Cervelo that uses Pressfit30 bottom brackets where the bearings are housed in press-in composite or aluminum cups, which are in turn pressed into the frame.

  • Shell width: 79mm (Asymmetrical +11mm on Non-Drive Side)
  • Shell inner diameter (ID): 46mm
  • Two 6806 bearings (42mm OD, 30mm ID) pressed into alloy cups which are pressed into frame
  • Accepts Wheels Mfg PF30 & BBRIGHT-OUT Bottom Brackets

Frames using the BBRight™ system have 79mm shell widths, with the left side (non-drive side) bearing moved out by 11mm to allow for wider frame tubes. Wheel Manufacturing makes adapters to allow cranksets with 24mm spindle diameters to work in frames utilizing the BBRight™ system. More information on BBRight™ can be found at bbright.net.

BBRight Bottom Bracket

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What is the difference between BBright™ and BB30

BBright™ crank uses the same diameter axle as BB30™, with the addition of 11mm length on the left side of the spindle, and the left crank is straighter, (similar to existing arms for external bearing cranks). For the frame, the bottom bracket shell is 11mm wider on the left side. BBright™ leaves the pedal stance width unchanged, but provides the frame designer with 11mm more room to increase frame tube widths and thus structural efficiency. BBright™ does not increase width on the right side because that space is used for the chain rings; extending the bottom bracket shell on the right provides no structural benefit to either frame or crank.


Wheels Mfg BBRight™ Outboard BB for use with 24/22mm spindle cranks will not work with Quarq SRAM/GXP cranksets (Elsa, Riken, SRAM Red 22, SRAM S975, SRAM S2275, CinQo Saturn, Saturn2). If your Quarq spider has an ID less than 49.5mm, it will not fit over our BBRIGHT-OUT cup. You will need to use one of our PF30 bottom brackets + Universal BB Adapter for 22/24mm Cranks (SRAM/Truvativ).