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We are glad you chose us to help you repair your bicycle. Bicycle Parts Direct started in Colorado with a single goal in mind; provide bicycle enthusiast with the highest quality products Made in the USA.

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Over the years, many bicycle parts sites have popped up offering surprisingly low-priced components from derailleur hangers to bottom brackets and hubs. If you were unfortunate enough to be convinced to purchase components from these sites because of their low prices, you probably regretted that decision. You might have found the product to be “soft” or “brittle”, or just didn’t fit correctly. Many off-shore manufacturers often use the least expensive materials, processes and labor to build these parts. Let’s face it, sometimes it seems like they use is as low quality as they can get away with.

Additionally, if you have ever experienced that dreaded squeaking noise from your bottom bracket, its most likely due to poor product tolerance between your bicycle and that cheap bottom bracket. The cost to maintain CNC mills, VMC’s, broaching machines, and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) in top condition means that you could end up paying more for your parts, but you can be assured of a top-quality product. Take a look at the two videos below and ask yourself which process produces a higher quality product.

Our Parts CNC Machine Made Video

Parts Made Overseas by our Competitors
Die casting

This is why we are proud to offer you the highest CNC machined products from Wheels Manufacturing. Not only has Wheels Manufacturing committed to providing the finest industry grade products, but they back them with the best guarantee in the business. This philosophy quality first has made Dave and his team one of the world’s largest suppliers of high-quality bicycle derailleur hangers, small parts, repair parts, and specialty tools. And this is why we have partnered with Wheels Manufacturing to provide you with their products.